Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lawrence Update - 2.5 weeks Out

Friends - Jeff and Nan and all three boys are still in San Diego and Mike is continuing to slowly heal. Precious insight from an e-mail Nan wrote a couple of days ago -

I was asking God to bring himself to us. It's no longer the question, "Can the God of the universe do it?", it's "What will He do?" I don't feel anxious about provisions, I don't feel like I have to "plan" out our day, I don't feel like or even want to control what each day holds.

And then, He swam among us. A few days ago there were hundreds (yes hundreds) of leopard sharks that came close to the shore line. Since we spent the last eight months going online to study sea creatures (in preparation for our vacation) we knew leopard sharks were harmless. We took Mike and Luke out, holding them close to our chests and walked waist deep into the water. The water was calm, remarkably almost no waves. And clear, so clear you could see the finest detail of the sharks fins. They swam so close they brushed against our legs. As we stood out there we thanked God for his creation. And if sharks were not enough, giant sea turtles with shells four feet across appeared out of nowhere and slowly swam to the deep. As the sea turtles disturbed the sand, frisbee sized sting rays arose and glided by. It was an orchestra of sea life in perfect harmony for our family to enjoy.

We spent the next few days talking about God's creation and what a remarkable gift it was that He allowed us to see a picture of His creativity in the wild.

And then yesterday, as Luke would say, "God brought us a whale". It's not whale season. We were told they don't ever come this early and never ever that close. Well, our little family seems to be defying the odds lately. And so, God, once again, brought Himself to us. We looked out our window and there it was. So close you could see the details of the hump and fins as it played in the water. For hours, it stayed in front of our room, going back and forth along the shoreline, never out of sight. Once again, we picked Mike up, gathered the other kids, sat on the sand and marveled at our God. Others were grabbing scuba gear and I, in my excitement, too rushed out in the water to swim with the whale.

He walks among us, with us and He is here orchestrating everything from the fall to the whale.

So many have asked, wanted to give you a couple of ways to keep up with the Lawrence family.

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