Monday, September 22, 2008

What did you do today?

Years ago, after moving to Fort Worth, our friend Chris Wolfe would stop by to visit and ask me, "Hey TJ, what did you do today?"
I gently taught him early on that you don't ask a stay-at-home mom, "What did you do today?" It's like asking a pregnant woman how much weight she's gained. There's no win-win answer to that question.
Take today, for example.
Theoretically, I have Mondays from 9-2 with all the kids in school. Five hours, right? Five hours to read and watch TV and eat bon bons.
So here's my day:
9:00 Drop off girls (Corbin took boys at 8 - bless him)
9:15-10:15 Prayer group for boys' school (a very necessary way to start off my week!)
10:30 Straight to school to pick up boys and take them to orthodontist.
12:15 Drop boys back off at school, head home to pay bills and do paperwork.
1:15 Get call from school office that Bran's teeth are sore, can I bring meds?
1:30 Leave house, take meds, pick up girls, go by bank, get to boys' school in time for 3:00 pick up.
Fight the masses of parents at pick up and shuffle all the kids around to the PTA closet at the back of school to check inventory for the Fall Carnival Cake Walk booth. Meantime, Esther has filled her diaper. After sorting through cardboard boxes and felt spiders and year-old posters and plastic pumpkins, I determine the inventory looks acceptable.
Carrying Esther in such a way as to not overflow her diaper in my arms, a friend and fellow carnival mom sees me and explains that she already sorted through the carnival props a few days ago - but thanks for coming.
Hudson cries all the way to the car because his mouth hurts. Mental note - I will never again forget Advil on orthodontist day. We make it to the car - and why does it feel like a hundred degrees on Sept 22nd? We walk to the far end of the playground to get to the car because the playground gate is locked. Get to the car, change Essie's diaper in the back of the suburban under the watchful eyes of a man mowing the grass right next to our car. The cut grass blows into the back of my suburban and onto Esther's exposed behind.
So it's now 4:45, and having given up on homework, we're off to Hudson's baseball game (if I can convince him to play through the pain of his orthodontic-treated mouth... oh, the drama). He's supposed to be there in half an hour. And I just realized that I need to get Hudson's glove from Branson's baseball coach before getting Hud to the field early for batting practice, as we accidentally left his glove at Bran's game last week...
Back to the "what did you do today" question. Incidentally, Chris Wolfe's wife, Sarah, had a baby this morning. Their fifth. Nathan Bademan Wolfe, boy #5 in the Wolfe gang, with the oldest only six years old.
I'm guessing Chris doesn't ask Sarah "What did you do today?" too often.
Corbin knew better than to pose the question to me tonight. Unless, of course, he wants to hear, "I wrote this blog post, didn't I?!"

Footnote - In conjunction with my previous "Fully Two" post, watch this. Caught her yesterday in her normal, happy, into-everything antics.