Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hyatt Hill Country and Hyatt Lost Pines

Just returned home from a week in San Antonio and Austin. We turned Corbin’s conference at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort into a family vacation and then headed over to the Hyatt Lost Pines outside of Austin for the weekend. What beautiful and fun vacation spots! As with any family vacation, ours had its share of comedy and errors and mishaps and adventures. Here’s a few (un?)mentionables:

- I anticipated leaving Fort Worth mid-morning last Tuesday. So by Monday night I’d finished laundry and made arrangements for our home & Yukon, but saved the actual packing for Tues morning. About 10:00 pm Monday Corbin informed me his conference started earlier than he’d realized, and we would need to leave the house by 6:45 am the next morning. Hmmnnn.
- Deciding we could unload and carry our menagerie of bags and suitcases without help from a bellman... yikes.
- Esther’s diarrhea streaming all over Corbin’s shirt and onto his pants as he held her in his arms a few hours after we arrived at the hotel.
- One child throwing up in the middle of "Cinderella on the lawn."
- Another child vomiting on Mommy as we tubed around the lazy river. Can't get the horrified expression from a near-by mom out of my mind...
- Trying to come up with "disinfect" in Spanish
- Attempting unsuccessfully to avoid the arcade. Why in the world do they have an arcade??!
- The sanctification that occurs when all six of us stay together for a week in a not-so-large room. Add a nasty virus to that room, and it gets even more exciting.

Thankfully, everyone felt well (other than Bran's croup, go figure) by the weekend, so we enjoyed a fabulous few days at Hyatt Lost Pines. All things considered, it was a great week full of laughter (and bickering) and loads of fun.
And if you happen to hear of anyone coming home sick from their vacation last week at Hyatt Hill Country, you didn't read it here!