Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cold Tangerines

Agh!!! I LOVE this book!
First, I love the layout. A collection of 4-5ish page essays, easy & entertaining to read whenever and wherever.
Second, I love Niequist's insights into the spiritual snippets of every day life. She dives deep into the motives and intentions of her heart and describes with refreshing honesty how God creates beauty in the midst of chaos.
Third, this is a funny girl. Laugh-out-loud, oh-my-gosh funny. I cannot get over the way her brain thinks, her outrageous metaphors and similes, and her witty thought processes. Niequist is relatable and quirky and self-deprecating and clever. And quite intelligent.
Read a few chapters here to get a taste of Cold Tangerines.
Enjoy, and know that as you’re laughing out loud and wiping away tears, you will be richer for the reading.