Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can someone find me an organic Happy Meal, please?

I went to bed last night with a heavy heart. Going through a pile of mail as we returned home, I scanned an article in last Sunday's paper entitled, "If you want to go to heaven..."
Evangelicals are neither as numerous nor as uniform in their beliefs as once thought, they are not immune from the shifting of American culture.
The reporter continued with a couple thousand words describing the yuck among today's (and especially yesterday's) Christian culture.
Reminded me of a recent conversation when my friend felt clearly irritated as we discussed another friend's "conversion." Just another marker that we don't see eye to eye.
I don't like feeling at odds with others, especially not with other Believers. And yet division feels rampant among Christians especially. It seems every author I read is controversial - makes me tired. And all these passionate dialogues about where Christianity has come from and where it's headed... the simplicity of Christ seems snuffed out. And it's not just theological matters where we all differ, that's the tip of the iceberg. It's school choices and medicine/vaccine choices and food choices (thus my title) and all the details of life.
I suppose that because so much of our parenting and marriage and life choices stem from prayer and a desire for God's best, it seems that if others make different choices, someone is off.
So I went to bed with these heavy thoughts of division and dissension and bickering among Christians. And then this morning I happened upon this post by Sally Clarkson. She read my mind, but with a little more wisdom and eloquence. She posted this a few days ago... worth reading. I do hope it's not too controversial.