Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back to Blogging...

Well, I'm back.
It's Wednesday, and I don't have a "Wednesday Wonder" to offer, and at this point I think they might need to become "Monthly Marvels." Ha.
I find that blogging is kind of like exercising. Once that pendulum is stopped, it's hard to get going again. I wish I had some great reason for not posting in the past few weeks, but that pendulum thing is the best I can come up with. So, I'm back. I know all three of you are thrilled.
Wanted to share a few photos that capture our past few weeks. I would have posted photos from Easter and from our first Sunday in our new church building (Easter Sunday!) if I wouldn't have permanently deleted all eighty of them from my camera.
So, some other Wilson family highlights...

Branson after hitting an OUT OF THE PARK home run. I've never seen such a big grin on my little boy's face as when he rounded second base and headed for third and then home. After all the cheering subsided, I looked down to find Basden crying beside me. "Basden! What's wrong, sweetie?" She said, "Mommy - you knocked me over!"
Oops. At least I didn't accidentally break into a cheerleading jump - not that that's ever happened before - certainly not while watching Hudson make a basket last winter...

Basden at a recent birthday party - Granny would be proud. Adorable smile, adorable party, adorable friend.

Enjoying a couple of days at the lake. Canoe rides are a favorite with Daddy.

One of my favs of little Essie. Her teacher told me this morning during their "buggy ride" at school that they put Esther in the wagon when there are too many children to fit in the six-person buggy stroller, because Esther is one of the only ones they can trust not to jump out of the wagon. Imagine - my active little whirlwind of a daughter can be trusted to sit still... amazing what they'll do for other people. And for those of you wondering how the blanket training's going, well, let's just say Esther was in my ARMS when Bran hit that home run.
Gotta run for now, hope to be back sooner than a month from now!

Btw, just kidding about the Monthly Marvels. While I will continue to highlight people on this blog, it just won't be weekly at this point. Thanks for stopping by!