Thursday, December 13, 2007

We'll try again later...

This morning the girls took a long bath. I took advantage of their preoccupation to put away laundry and straighten up the kids' rooms a bit. After 40 minutes of splashing and pretending, the girls hesitantly got out and dried off. While drying Basden's long blonde hair and smearing her body with yummy-smelling lotion, I once again used the comfortable, teachable moment and pointed out that no one except mommy and daddy touch her certain places, and that's only for cleaning. She quickly reminded me that both grandmas can help her in that way, too, but nobody else. "Only 4 adults," she concluded, "oooh... and of course Santa!"
I think she missed the point.

p.s. - For any concerned folks... we haven't even visited Santa this year, she's just got Christmas on the brain!
p.s.s. - I feel slightly inappropriate about posting this, someone let me know if I've crossed the line!