Monday, November 26, 2007

Joy's day

A couple of photos to share our recent celebrations. We moved from Hud's camo to all things girly for Basden Joy's "Sparkle with Joy" party.

In addition to Basden's party, we enjoyed our 2nd annual "birthday tea party" with her sweet cousin Nettie May, who turned 4 just 13 days before Basden's birthday. Darling time, already looking forward to next year. Happy birthday, sweet girls!

PS - For those of you wondering about the absence of my "Wednesday Wonders" this week and last, I guess you've figured out I'm taking a break! Hopefully the WW posts will return, but not likely until after the holidays. Thanks for checking in...

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Blue Skies said...

Happy Birthday sweet Basden! She's gorgeous like her mother. I absolutely and completely ADORE her dress. Can Emily borrow that for her birthday in February and I'll return it for sweet little Esther after that?!!!! Emily and Basden are cut out of the same cloth, I think. Enjoy the Holiday Fun.