Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hud's Birthday Campout

A few photos from Hudson's 6th birthday party last night, very fun! Corbin and I enjoyed the boys a ton, and Hudson felt very celebrated getting to have his buddies over for the party.
A few highlights:
- Our friend Jeremy came to the rescue, loaning us his (brand-new!) fire bowl, and the boys had a blast roasting marshmallows
- Corbin's "flashlight hide & seek" game, something he came up with at the last minute that worked magic with the kids!
- Cappy in the tent scaring the boys telling "The Big Purple Toe" - I hadn't heard that story in over 20 years! Basden was so scared she climbed out of the tent and into my lap. Wishing that Trey, Chris & Luke were there to hear it.
- Hud's grin while we sang Happy Birthday
- Hud's grin while he opened his gifts
- Mom came by and helped decorate the campout cake, turned out adorable. Again, Hud loved it, which made it a success.
Now we are switching gears and headed into Basden's birthday week, down comes the camo and up goes the glitter...