Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Wonders - A Time of War

Our friends Darla & Kyle wrote this on their CaringBridge site a couple of weeks ago. We were at Baylor with Darla & Kyle, and they are incredibly attractive - they draw others to want to be near them. I didn't know Kyle well at Baylor, he was a senior my freshman year, but even then I observed the deep admiration many people held for him, my husband included. Ditto for me regarding Darla. So 11 years ago Kyle was diagnosed with cancer. He has sacrificed much in the various stages of this battle, but their family emulates real faith and genuine wisdom. Kyle recently underwent a risky treatment in Boston and is awaiting further (very major) surgery in the coming weeks.

Darla's words...
"So tomorrow is D-day for this trial. Kind of sums up how we feel - got drafted young (no one asked if we wanted to fight!) have our parachutes on, flying over the ocean, waiting for the green 'jump' light. We don't know the specifics of what is ahead, just an unseen enemy that is tough as nails and rocky terrain full of traps and obstacles. Our cause? Our family! The enemy’s record? At this stage in the war - undefeated. We jump with hope, not necessarily in the outcome, but in the cause. Our family is, and will always be, worth the jump. The outcome is, and has always been, out of our hands.

Our hope has to be broader than the outcome of any single battle or we are all lost. We believe the War that matters was won when Jesus chose to die on a cross so that we could be forgiven. Doesn't mean that our 'D-day' doesn't scare us. Only fools run into battle without fear.

Going behind enemy lines,
Darla and Kyle

My friend Courtney is recovering from last week's major surgery at MD Anderson for melanoma. She is 34 with three darling kids who happen to be some of my kids' very best friends. This is a new diagnosis - about 2 months - and she's on her 2nd surgery. Significant life changes since she found out about the cancer. And a long road ahead. One of the things I've been most touched by in the past couple of months is the tremendous support rallied around Todd and Courtney and their family. The network of friends and acquaintances who are covering them is beautiful.

And our dear friends, Blake & Rebecca Holmes, are in the throes of fighting four-year-old Gage's Leukemia. Blake happens to be a pastor, and the Lord had such a strong calling on his life I often wondered in college if he would forgo seminary and just start preaching! (it's been known to happen...)

Here's part of a post from Blake:
After a 6 hour visit at the clinic today, Rebecca, Gage and I all returned home exhausted. Gage wanted to go ahead and take an early bath so he could just rest the remainder of the day. As I was getting him dressed, our conversation went a little something like this:

Dad: “Gage, I sure am proud of you. I know today was tough, but you did a great job. You are a warrior.”

Gage: “Thanks, Dad.”

Dad: “Because you have done such a good job taking all of your medicine and going to clinic, your blood is becoming strong again.”

Gage: “So, my leukemia isn’t going to come back again. Right?”

Dad: “Gage, you don’t need to worry about that. You are kicking leukemia’s butt.”

Gage: “But . . . uh . . . Dad, leukemia doesn’t have a butt. Only people have a butt.”

Dad: “Yes. I suppose you are right, Gage. Probably shouldn’t have said that word either.”

Gage (laughing): “You said ‘butt’ . . . kicking leukemia’s butt (giggle) . . . kicking leukemia’s butt (giggle) . . . kicking leu—”

Dad (interrupting): “Gage! Let’s not share that word with your sisters. Or, your mother for that matter . . . “

Gage (still laughing): “I’m kicking leukemia’s butt . . . “

On the road to a cure...

Unfortunately, these aren't the only people in my life who are immersed in a time of war, specifically regarding cancer. But I encourage you to read their stories, log onto their websites, you'll be changed.

Father, thank you for these dear families. Thank you that you created them exactly to your specifications. I pray that you as Commander in Chief guide and direct them medically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As the Ogles say, we pray for healing this side of Heaven.

** Look for my Wednesday Wonder posts week - please forgive the cheesy name - as I highlight friends and people in my life making counter-cultural decisions in light of God's leading... enjoy! **