Monday, October 8, 2007

Lake Highlights

A few highlights from our weekend at the lake...
- Getting out of town! Relaxed time with kids and no deadlines.
- A tiny black kitten crawling into Branson's lap early one morning... the kids fell in love with "Abagail" and played with her all morning until Corbin returned her to the neighbor. Before taking her home, Corbin introduced Abagail to Yukon. Under the watchful eyes of all 4 kids, Yukon sniffed the tiny kitty and reared back before engulfing her entire head in his mouth. THANK YOU, Lord, that he didn't bite down! Basden screamed, and it took a little time for Hudson to decide if he still loved Yukon after all that. I've never seen such a tiny kitten hiss with that much passion.
- Mommy using an entire box of kleenexes... when will the ragweed end?! The kids get a kick out of calling me Rudolph.
- Watching Branson "ollie" on his skateboard about 100 times.
- Bran and Hud flying down the driveway on a dilapidated bigwheel - hilarious and scary at the same time. Daboo cackled watching them. As long as they wore their helmet, veered to the left at the end of the drive, then dodged the big rock in the yard, they were fine. This almost fit into the category of extreme sports.
- Watching boys play "King of the Float" for an hour, battling with pool noodles on a trampoline float in the middle of the lake. Basden fell asleep all cuddled up to me in a raft with Corbin.
- Big breakfasts (thank you, Chef Daddy!)
- Playing checkers and Monopoly - our boys are growing up.
- Attempting a family devotional Sun night... both boys were horrified upon hearing of Jim Elliot's death at the hands of Auca Indians and wanted to know if Aucas live anywhere near the lake house. It was interesting to discuss with the boys why Jim & his friends didn't retaliate with their guns while being speared in the jungle, very counter-cultural. Nothing in our world encourages that kind of sacrifice.