Sunday, October 14, 2007

A good man is hard to find

"How in the world do you do four?" is the typical response when people ask how many kids we have.
My answer? Simple. "Marry up."
Take today - a fairly typical day in the Wilson home...

This morning Corbin let me sleep, happily (yes happily, that's not an exaggeration) getting the kids fed & ready for church. I got myself dressed, while he got, well, the other five in our family ready. (This was after our late night at the Jump5 concert last night...and you can imagine his enthusiasm for that - yikes)
Returning home, he fixed lunch for everyone so I could get our crazy house back in order after a couple of full days. Sabbath would be restful for no one - especially not me! - if we had to spend it in our tornado-strewn downstairs.
We then spent the afternoon (3 hours) at an 8-year-old's birthday party - as a family. Getting home and helping kids get ready for bed, Corbin went from bath time to taxes. Due tomorrow. Ugh.
Realizing he left some important financial papers at work, he left at about 9:00pm to go get them. Once there, he call to ask if I'd seen the papers, because they were nowhere on his desk. Uh oh. Hmmmnn... did I put them in the big pile on the counter while cleaning up this afternoon? So sorry, sweetie. Looks like you brought them home afterall.
A stop by Braum's for milk, back home to finish taxes, and time for bed. Afterall, it's only midnight.
Oh, and somewhere in there - after taxes - he made four lunches for tomorrow.
What did I do all day??

Corbin could write an interesting "Father's version" of the William Tell Overture. I think I might be afraid to hear it.
The crazy, wonderful thing about Corbin is that he's not pouting about his weekend. True, clamoring with every adolescent in the metroplex after 4 (very talented) kid-artists isn't his favorite way to spend a Saturday night. And sifting through the dailies of life with 4 small children requires putting aside his own agenda. But Corbin is the real-life servant husband and daddy, and it shows day in and day out. Makes my job a lot more enjoyable than it could be.
What benefits there are to marrying up!