Monday, October 22, 2007

Bran the Author

Branson walked into the kitchen the other day and found me bent over my laptop.
"What are you doing, Mom?"
"Writing a story, B."
"Is it for your blog thing?"
"If I write a story will you put it on your blog?"
10 minutes later the rough (& final) draft landed on my desk. ya go, Bran. Keep up that writing thing...

Me and My Friend Hudson Key.

Once upon a time, my friend invited me over. His name was Hudson Key. First,we had an airsoft war. He hit me on the shoulder. I sed, “you are dead!” So I got his machine gun and hit him on the leg. And he sed “I give up!”
So then we got on our skeateboards and I got on his bike and went off the ramp and did half a front flip and had no helmet on. My shoulder was gushing blood out. So I never went off a ramp on a bike again!