Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Wonder - New Baby in the Family!

It's official, Corbin's sister, Cameron is pregnant! The Benjamin-4 will transition next Spring to the Benjamin-5 when they welcome the 3rd little one, an adopted baby she has the privilege of carrying and giving birth to. Always one to live a little outside the box, Cam (& Alan!) again embraced adoption, but this time in the form of implanted embryos... Several pregnancy tests and sonograms later, this little one is steadily growing in her mommy's womb. Amazing!
Cameron spends her days with 6-year old Foster and (nearly) 4-year old Nettie May as she teaches them to get milk from a neighbor's cow, participates in an organic food co-op, deepens and grows their home church, and stays tan all fall and winter with their hot tub swimming. She also continues to teach childbirth classes in Taos and serves as a Doula to women in the area. Cam bends over backwards to friends and strangers alike in the Valley who might need a confidant, a clean house, a babysitter, or life coach. She carries much influence, and is a great friend to me. Keeps me out of my "Texas box," whether I like it or not.
Cam - we love you and are praying for this precious little one, we are so excited for a new cousin. Hang in there with all this journey entails... we're with you.

** Look for my posts each Wednesday - please forgive the cheesy name - as I highlight friends and people in my life making counter-cultural decisions in light of God's leading... enjoy! **