Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogging from Napa

So here we are in Napa Valley for a few days... in Corbin-esque fashion, I had no idea where we were headed until we arrived at the airport early Wednesday morning. While getting coffee in the terminal (at the crack of dawn), I heard the flight attendant call out "Gate 36, now pre-boarding for San Jose airport." first clue.
We spent the childless flight reading magazines, arrived in San Jose to rent a very fun silver Mustang convertible, and headed north on 101 to San Francisco.

- a very hot Peet's Coffee au lait
- cool breezes, enough to pull out my sweater
- ferry ride to Sausalito, with a yummy italian lunch & a great boutiques
- passed Alcatraz on the ferry ~ what an intriguing place
- Pier 39 & Fisherman's Wharf (hadn't been there since Kirsten & Brandon's wedding 10 years ago)
- people watching, people watching, people watching
- Union Square - wow! Thank the Lord for a husband who enjoys shopping!
- Coffee & Ipods everywhere...even couples walking hand-in-hand wore headphones while holding a cup of Starbucks
- Dinner at Sam's Grill in downtown San Francisco, a really cool seafood place with individual rooms per table. My seabass was better than Corbin's sole, but barely.
- Driving north to Napa Valley, where we'll spend the next few days. Corbin is in a conference here for work, so I get some much-anticipated quiet time. (Thank you, thank you, Mama & Papa!!)
More updates to come...