Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Girl

Our baby girl turned one a few days ago... I've had a full week and haven't slowed down much to think through how I feel about this milestone birthday. It's a little more "milestone-ish" than normal for me, just knowing that this is our last "1st birthday" to celebrate.
I caught part of an interview last week with Martin Sheen, and when asked how he felt about raising 4 kids, he responded, "The only regret I have about having 4 kids is that we didn't have 4 more."
When I look at these precious children, part Corbin and part me, all so different yet all very "James/Wilson" - I can imagine the joy it would be to add even more to the mix.
So I asked Corbin what he thought about Sheen's comment, and he smiled that little smile that told me he his cup more than runneth over.
Then I considered Esther's unbelievable ability to screech louder than should be humanly possible (she really has to clear her throat after screeching, even happy screeching... she can - and does - turn every head in a restaurant), and I find myself smiling that same little smile as Corbin's...