Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Practicing Gratitude 6.28.17

- CCBC Kids Kamp - I'm always amazed with the way our church body - young and old and in-between - comes together to make this week happen!
Coming downstairs to find this the first morning, Essie made sure we all knew what our day (week) held
Day 1 ~ here we go!
Bran & campers in action
Hud's group, getting to lead alongside his buddy Jack
one million% in her element
Essie - last year as a camper- with the amazing Hannah and David as leaders
Our fearless crew - a joy to work with all the teen leaders
Hud in the lip-sync contest... not his fav but he rocked it

5/6 worship is incredible
- Not having to set my alarm for 5-something (which is unusual, just had to get up that early a couple of days) but sleeping in a little this morn after not having a chance to do that yet this summer

- State Twirling Competition in DeSoto
Vicki with her girls - we have the most fabulous teacher in the nation
Modeling - she is darling but more of an athlete than a dancer... some room to improve in this category - ha!
The dress ~ an early bday gift from Daboo ~ she looks amazing in the yellow

Sporting a new costume

An end-of-year gift from coach Vicki... even monogrammed!
Vick's Chicks

car rides home are way more fun with twirling friends (and thanks for the ride, Landi!)
 - SCS 7 on 7 football ~ with our boys on the field together

- Getting to spend an entire day set aside with Basden and Esther - no friends. After my week and Frontier + a week of kids kamp + a full State twirling weekend, I was missing them so much:  Indoor rock climbing; La Madeline tomato soup and Caesar salad and strawberries romanoff; bowling; Wendy’s frosties, jewelry making, and movie night with popcorn

- Rock climbing - Basden not wanting to go rock climbing AT ALL, but absolutely loved it ~ with lots of success! Esther felt “stretched” and admitted it was good to feel that way. And I felt adventurous
Dyno Rock

La Madeline ~ there's a reason why we shouldn't take selfies in the first place
What's worse - mom taking selfies or dabbing? (or fidget spinners??!)
- Signs of summer - our days may not be lazy, but at least some of the hours are

Nothing beats 10-year-old Wii Mario Cart
glitter girls

- Bran and Hud flying to Utah to meet Corbin, easily navigating the airport with me just dropping them off (they looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if they needed me to park and walk them in)

- An unexpected “I love you” text last night from one of my boys

- Mama’s text - God loves to talk to boys when they’re fishing - even big boys. I can hear that song playing in our Wren home all those years ago

- Who hoo - Harper is home from camp - longest 2 weeks for Basden

- Our homemade version of Strawberries Romanoff ~ yum

- When I asked Hudson to be home by 3, he pulled in at 2:58. Such a reliable kid. And snapping this pic, it hit me that after mid-November I probably won't see him on his bike much anymore

- That Essie and her friend wanted me to swim with them yesterday- asked me several times. And naturally, I was intending to use that time by myself in the house. But it was so worth cannon-balling into the pool and playing Silent Categories with them

- A summer morning with several hours ALONE at home (which is how I got this post written)!!!

- How much Essie loves to clean the kitchen sink

- That Corbin was smart enough to tack on a fishing trip for him and the boys after a conference in Park City, Utah

Park City at dusk (pc Branson)
when Bran said he caught Jonah's Whale
Hudson's dinner one night in Utah - a bacon burger with two separate grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns

- Camp Joy - oh what fun! The skills it’s producing in Basden to be a counselor and help design camp each summer, and Essie gets to have a ball

- That Proverbs 27 is amazing. How is this text still so relevant and applicable?  Esp love v. 14 ~ If a man loudly blesses his neighbor in the morning, it will be taken as a curse. AMEN. I can’t believe this is in the Bible

- Learning to compartmentalize frustration and anger from the responsibility of parenting. I'm the adult here. Parenting is my job and I don't need to be surprised when it's difficult or draining (thank you, Mark Gregston and Paul Tripp ~ I hear you in my head during these episodes)

- Thank you, Heavenly Father, for sustaining me during moments I don’t "feel" sustained, but I know you’re doing it. And then for the times when I actually do feel it

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12