Friday, April 15, 2016

20th Baylor Girls (and Families) Reunion, Part 3

This post... indulgent?
Too many pics?
Worth it??
Absolutely. At least for me and these friends of mine.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm saving the words... a special thank you to anyone who takes the time to scroll through this trip down memory lane!
Me, Kristin, Kristin, Nan

So glad to be out of those cars and on (sort of) dry ground
Aimee, Molly, Cammi and Jessica
Cammi, Molly, me, Jill
Kristin, Michelle, me
Kristin and Nan
All these teenagers. It is so awesome to see our older kids laughing together
And to see the Mommas laughing together!
Britt and Travis
Eric and sweet Lyla
Marissa and Julia
Mei Li, Marissa, Basden
John Davis, Jack, Raines, Mike
Molly, Jessica, Kirsten, Michelle
How fun to have a creek on the property ~ brrr!
Branson, Jack, Jackson
Oh my word, such great kids
Kirsten and Kristin
Britt and Brian with a crew
Best picture ever
THIS makes us girls happy!
Shep, Kate and Ella
Jessica with Baby Lyla, who has become our reunion mascot
Love this ~ Bran and me
Corbin and TB
Mei Li on the zipline
The ranch was a perfect playground for all these (big and little) kiddos
Love Ben's great grin
A dream to see these kiddos becoming friends
Cutie Lucy
Kids had no shortage of finding things to do
AMAZING meals - cannot believe all the planning

Branson and Adeline. That's all I'm going to say about that.
Momma time
Every gal here adds something unique to our group - these friends make life sweeter
Happy chaos
We've got some athletes in this crowd

Lily Claire and Lucy
The guys haven't moved much
Not afraid
Typical pastor and his wife
So very grateful that we could all get together - WITH husbands
Look at all those future Baylor Bears
And last but not least, a special thanks to the Cowdens for hosting us all... letting us invade your new ranch home and christen it appropriately. And thank you for repainting every surface once we left (!)