Monday, August 20, 2007

Great New Read...

I'm reading a fantastic book right now, Authentic Parenting in a Post-Modern Culture, by Mary DeMuth. I had been anticipating the release of this book (July 1, Harvest House) as Mary authored both "Watching the Treelimbs" and "Wishing on Dandelions," two fiction novels I read earlier this spring.
Why am I drawn to Mary's writing? Because I am drawn to Mary. Having also written Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God and Building the Christian Family You Never Had, she dances between the worlds of fiction and non-fiction. Mary is an attractive person in the true sense of the word, meaning she attracts others effortlessly. Her writing naturally follows suit - it attracts and delivers a genuine message.
In my Kanakuk days, camp director Joe White often taught us that the best coaches were those who struggled as an athlete. If all athletic ability came naturally, it was sometimes more difficult to know how to teach kids, because you never had to actually learn specific techniques and tricks. It was encouraging to me that I didn't have to be a super-star athlete to teach kids about their sport.
In a similar vein, Mary did not grow up in a spiritually & emotionally harmonious home, which is something she writes about with candor. So the fact that she is writing (and selling!) parenting books illustrates this truth - that through her suffering and wandering, the Lord has divinely taught Mary and her husband some foundational truths and insights to pass on to others. And she's faithful to that calling.
So... her newest book, with the potentially controversial title, is a great read. Just for the record, Mary is a fan of absolute truth, which the postmodern movement doesn't necessarily embrace. Mary's opinion is that "our children will meet this shifting worldview no matter what our opinion of it is..." Her insights are all the more relevant as she and her husband spent the last few years with their children in France, a hotbed of postmodern culture. And rather than ignore the shifting culture, they are navigating their family through the changing waters with open communication, lots of laughter, and intentionally creating their home as a safe haven. One of my favorite facets of the book is the emphasis on allowing ourselves as parents to be taught by our children rather than solely instructing them from our set perspectives.
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